Big Help Project

"To say I’m proud is a massive understatement. Never been more proud of our team than I am today.

Final day of the year, and while everyone else is itching to disappear to the pub before lunchtime, our team sacrificed their early dart to pitch in with the Big Help Project. This is the main food bank in Knowsley and supports so many people in need this time of year.

It’s sad to see how much food has to be donated to people within my own community. But it’s also amazing to see the enthusiasm of not only our own team, but the residents of Knowsley! We couldn’t unpack and sort the drop offs fast enough. It’s been great seeing the thoughtfulness of local residents donating whatever they can to help others in need.

Today has been a real dose of reality and truly humbling. This is definitely a charity we will be delighted to partner with and continue to support.

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄"

- Michael Barnes (Director)
"This has been a real eye opener for us at Citrus. Since the visit before christmas several staff member have approached us to organise another session to help with food sorting and storage, as well as other ways we can get involved with the charity. It's extremely heart warming to see our staff wanting to go above and beyond in their own time to help out such a worthy cause. This just speaks for the quality and moral fibre of the team members we have here"

- Jack Stockton (Director)
"Good afternoon Team Citrus,

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for all your help and support throughout 2018 for our charity.  Your support has enabled us to help so many people living in poverty.

Please find attached a certificate of thanks."

Michele Duckworth
Big Help Project & Big Help Trading